Sidewalk Atlas LIVE & Song Sample

Sidewalk Atlas, an awesome local sci-fi-themed pop band (who I happen to play bass for), is playing two shows this week:

3/6/2014 – A charity show benefitting Feel the Warmth, which also happens to be the launch party for Philadelphia Impact Hub. We are playing with The World At Large, and Widow Maker Social Club. This is going to be totally awesome; unfortunately it is SOLD OUT.

3/8/2014 – We are also playing at The Fire on Saturday night, along with Mike Bell and The Movies (and their difficult-to-read site), The Deadeyes, and Leaf Print. We are opening, and we’re starting around 8:30, so make sure to get there on time, and tell them you’re there for us!

If you come and find me, first drink is on me!

I promised music in this post, and I will not fail to deliver. Here is my favorite part of one of my favorite songs, Gone For Now, recorded at a recent rehearsal. Enjoy and I hope to see you this weekend!

P.S. The Sidewalk Atlas album, Stealing Time, is still free at our Bandcamp, so grab it if you like free things that are worth more than you pay for them! Your ears will thank you!

Finally, Some Actual Music!

This is a recording I took a few weeks ago with my iPhone’s Voice Memos program. It was taken at a rehearsal with the local cover band, Old Stranger. I am playing bass, my Dingwall ABII through a Fender Rumble 100 with no effects. I’m only putting it up now because I’ve been so busy working and playing, but there should be more stuff coming up soon.

Listening to this reminds me why I’m continually shocked at modern technology; a program most people probably don’t even know about on their phone can record better quality sound than a fair amount of the recording technology that came before it. I created this recording with MY TELEPHONE. On a whim. Just pulled this phone out, tapped the screen a few times, and this happened. Amazing.

I like how it turned out! Let me know what you think.